Do you have a War of 1812 ancestor in your family tree?

Do you like history?

Do you like patriotism?

We Need You!


The United States Daughters of 1812 is a wonderful opportunity to honor your ancestor and participate in history, patriotism, and fellowship.

Membership is available to women aged eighteen and over who can offer satisfactory proof that they are lineal descendants of an ancestor who, during the period of 1784-1815 inclusive, rendered civil, military, or naval service to our country, rendered material aid to the U.S. Army or Navy, or who participated in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Junior membership is available to girls and boys from birth through age 21. Young women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are known as Flora Adams Darling Daughters in honor of the Society’s first president.

You can check the national society’s online ancestor database for previously proven patriots. Did you know that many Americans with qualifying service are not currently found in the database simply because no one has entered on them yet? If you have a known ancestor in the United States in the correct time period, our members may be able to help search for sources of service.


If you would like to become a member, have genealogy questions, or need help with your application, contact our chapter Registrar for assistance today. She can help you become an 1812 Daughter!

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